ARCHES Conseils : an story of enthusiasts ...

Move forward together

Further together...

ARCHES-Conseils is a French non-profit association (law 1901), resulting from a common desire of a few highly motivated people to fight against a number of elements or situations having an adverse impact on human health and its environment.
ARCHES-Conseils is both a completion and a step.

This association is the logical outcome of convergent passions of three men and one woman, scientists and/or enthusiasts, sensitive to the adverse impacts of certain anthropic actions on the Planet’s health, on our heath, but also to the impacts of the natural environment on the citizen’s well-being and health. We also want to ensure that any solutions protect and sustain our planet, our health.

This point of agreement started in 2006 by a real coïncidence, chance, cross meetings, curious minds, always looking for solutions to emerge innovative ideas. The link was forged little by little, with no careerist or financial motivation (in the wrong sense), but this link was open to others, honest, strong and consistent.

After many common works, calls for projects, projects and scientific papers, it became spontaneous to give structure to this collaboration by an association in order to give lawfulness to our actions. Coming from different professional environments and careers, from public bodies and private companies, with heterogeneous and complementary skills and competences, it was fundamental to have an independent organisation allowing to build scientific proposals and to perform studies in full independence from financial, material and “point of view” issues and no conflict of interest.

The creation of ARCHES-Conseils is nevertheless a step and not a purpose. Our main goal is to directly influence decision-makers and to support policy-makers for environmental and health policies, by building projects with high scientific added value at local, regional, national and international levels.