Tentative Agenda

This conference, entitled "Global Challenges of Air Pollution and Climate Change to Forests", will be held at the "Palais de la Méditerranée" in Nice (France) on June 2-5, 2015, back-to-back with the COST Action "GreenInUrbs" meeting on 1st June 2015.
All sessions, coffee breaks and wine tasting are in room Venitien, poster sessions and lunches are in room Azur.

Please download this document : Program and Abstracts

Monday 1st June, 2015
9:00-18:00 - COST Action FP1204 "GreenInUrbs" Working Group meetings - 3rd floor - Rooms Charleston, Fox Trot and Paso Doble
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18:00-19:30 - Meeting for IUFRO Task Force "Climate Change and Forest Health" members only (Room Charleston)

Tuesday 2nd June, 2015
8:00-8:30 - Registration of participants IUFRO

>>>8:30-12:30 - COST parallel session - 3rd floor - COST Action FP1204 members only

>>>8:30-12:30 - IUFRO parallel session - 1st floor
Download the Opening presentation by local organizer Opening remarks by local organizer, Download the Opening presentation by Elena Paoletti (IUFRO) Elena Paoletti (IUFRO), Download the Opening presentation by Danilo Mollicone (FAO) Danilo Mollicone (FAO), Download the Opening presentation by Manuel Nicolas (National Forests Office) Manuel Nicolas (National Forests Office) and Download Prince Albert Video Message Philippe Mondielli (Foundation "Prince Albert II de Monaco")
10:00-10:30 - Coffee break
10:30-12:30 - Session 1 Environmental status and health of Mediterranean forest ecosystems - Chairs: Elena Paoletti and Pierre Sicard
- De Marco - The Mediterranean forests as a critical target for air pollution and climate change
Download the presentation : Fenn et al - Fenn - Effects of nitrogen deposition and ozone on tree growth and mortality in California forests
Download the presentation : Gratani et al - Gratani - The evergreen species response to Mediterranean climate stress factors
Download the presentation : Dalstein-Richier et al - Dalstein-Richier - Health and vitality of two pine species in the context of climate change in Southern Europe
Download the presentation : Branquinho et al - Branquinho - Functional diversity as an indicator of ecosystem transitions between sub-humid and semi-arid in Mediterranean areas
Download the presentation : Carinanos et al - Cariñanos - Phenological trends and effects of climate change in oak forests of south-eastern Spain
Download the presentation : Ugarkovic et al - Ugarković - Microclimate of the Holm oak (Quercus ilex L.) forest and degradation stages of maquis and garrigue in the area of Mediterranean Croatia
Download the presentation : Fares et al - Fares - Multiple interactions between anthropogenic pollutants, greenhouse gases and biogenic volatile organic compounds in a Holm oak peri-urban forest

12:30-14:00 - Lunch

14:00-16:30 - Session 2 Impacts of air pollution and climate change on forests in the wildland-urban interface - Chairs: Carlo Calfapietra and Algirdas Augustaitis
Download the presentation : Calfapietra et al - Calfapietra - Towards a network of urban forest eddy covariance stations: an innovative case study in Naples
     14:15 - Verlič - Harmonized monitoring of urban and periurban forests in European cities - Examples of Milano and Ljubljana
Download the presentation : Sgrigna et al - Sgrigna - Particulate Matter deposition on leaves across European urban environments: Platanus sp. sampling campaign within COST Action FP1204
Download the presentation : Samson et al - Samson - Impact of PM deposition on urban tree
Download the presentation : Calatayud et al - Calatayud - Responses of four common urban trees in China to elevated ozone
Download the presentation : Wang et al - Wang - Periodic drought influences the effects of elevated ozone on growth and physiology of Shantung maple
Download the presentation : Silaghi et al - Silaghi - Radial growth response of Quercus robur trees to ambient air pollution in a Bucharest periurban forest, Romania
Download the presentation : Watanabe et al - Watanabe - Difference in photosynthetic responses to ozone between canopy positions in Japanese oak
Download the presentation : Rupel et al - Rupel - Slovenian forests, urban forests and periurban forests are endangered from pollution by air (ozone)
Download the presentation : Ellsworth et al - Ellsworth - Effect of drought and elevated CO2 on volatile carbon emissions for Eucalyptus in a periurban forest
16:30-17:00 - Coffee break
Download the presentation : Zurcher - Introduction to the Green Path site visit by Zürcher N. (Consulting Arborist) - "Living with Urban Trees: Accommodating Their Needs, Enhancing the Benefits".
17:15-18:30 - Guided visit to the "Green path" in Nice. Jean-Michel Meuriot and Alexis Maia; botany experts from the Botanical Garden of Nice (For more information, please click here)
18:30-20:00 - Wine tasting and poster session

Wednesday 3rd June, 2015
 8:30-10:05 - Session 3 Physiological and genetic mechanisms underlying stress responses of forest trees and forest ecosystems - Chairs: Om Rajora
     8:30 - Rajora - Effects of climate change on gene expression and associated physiological processes in a boreal conifer
Download the presentation : Oksanen et al - Oksanen - Adaptation and acclimation of silver birch (Betula pendula) provenances in a common garden experiment
Download the presentation : Bahadur et al - Bahadur - Determining the frost tolerance potential of commercially important Eucalyptus species in South Africa
Download the presentation : David-Schwartz et al - David-Schwartz - Genetic variation in cavitation resistance driven by anatomical traits in Pinus halepensis
     9:35 - Le Thiec - Distinct responses to ozone of stomata in three poplar genotypes
Download the presentation : Chen et al - Chen - Proteome analysis of proteins responsive to ambient and elevated ozone in Machilus pauhoi kanehira seedlings
10:05-10:30 - Coffee break
10:30-12:05 - Session 3 Physiological and genetic mechanisms underlying stress responses of forest trees and forest ecosystems - Chair: Rainer Matyssek
Download the presentation : Matyssek et al - Matyssek - Can we link genetic control with physiological activity? Exemplifying beech response (Fagus sylvatica) to oxidative stress
     10:50 - Wieser - Is it all genetics ? New evidence on an old issue
Download the presentation : Velikova et al - Velikova - Biogenic volatile isoprenoids - strategies for sustainable forestation in changing environment
Download the presentation : Mikkelsen et al - Mikkelsen - UV-induced N2O emission from plants
Download the presentation : Sober et al - Sõber - Acclimation of deciduous trees to increasing air humidity and interacting environmental drivers
Download the presentation : Koike et al - Koike - Plant defense and photosynthesis of Japanese white birch saplings grown under a free-air O3 fumigation system

12:05-13:30 - Lunch

13:30-16:00 - Session 4 Health and growth of forests: bridging monitoring and modeling - Chair: Alessandra De Marco
Download the presentation : De Vries et al - de Vries - Assessment of impacts of nitrogen deposition, ozone exposure and climate change on carbon sequestration by monitoring and modeling
Download the presentation : Escobedo et al - Escobedo - Modeling and mapping the spatial and temporal effects of land-use and climate change on forest ecosystem services
     14:00 - Feng - A stomatal ozone flux-response relationship for five poplar species widely planted in China
     14:15 - Hoshika - To develop stomatal conductance modeling under elevated ozone in forest trees
Download the presentation : Moura et al - Moura - Variation in O3 symptom development in plants exposed to tropical environments
Download the presentation : Melo et al - Melo - Prediction of geographic distribution of endangered species of the Brazilian Atlantic forest
Download the presentation : Rizzetto et al - Rizzetto - Modelling the impact of climate change and atmospheric N deposition on French forests biodiversity
Download the presentation : Badea et al - Badea - Effect of climate change on tree growth from intensive forest monitoring network in Romania
Download the presentation : Seidling et al - Seidling - Accumulating influences on individual parameters of tree performance
     15:45 - Liampas - Hellenic Positioning System (HEPOS) in the service of accuracy control in semi-mountainous area
16:00-16:30 - Coffee break
16:30-17:45 - Session 4 Health and growth of forests: bridging monitoring and modeling - Chair: Salim Belyazid
Download the presentation : Ledermann et al - Ledermann - Analyzing site productivity and stand risk of Norway spruce (Picea abies [L.] Karst.) in Austria
Download the presentation : Kozlov et al - Kozlov - Confirmation bias affects the results of monitoring: a case of leaf fluctuating asymmetry
Download the presentation : Ferretti et al - Ferretti - Monitoring and modeling the long-term impact of air pollution on forest health and growth in Europe
Download the presentation : Schaub et al - Schaub - Ozone risk assessment for European forests - A ten-year study on permanent monitoring plots
Download the presentation : Andivia et al - Andivia - A process-based soil-plant model to assess nutritional limitations on forest growth within a changing environment
17:45-19:00 - Poster session and voting for the best poster award
19:00-20:00 - Meeting for IUFRO RG 7.01 officers only (room Venitien)
19:30 to Midnight - Cabaret dinner "Chez Fanny" (Meeting point: Palais de la Méditerrannée, transfer by bus for participants and by car for IUFRO officers from 20:00).

Thursday 4th June, 2015
 8:30-12:00 - Session 5: Biogeochemistry and multiple stressors - Chairs: Nancy Grulke and He Shang
     8:30 - Grulke - Introduction to the session
Download the presentation : Grote et al - Grote - BVOC emissions from trees - forming ozone or protecting against ozone?
Download the presentation : Domingos et al - Domingos - PAHs and heavy metals in forest remnants in the central-eastern of São Paulo State, SE Brazil
Download the presentation : Fuentes et al - Fuentes - Influence of air pollution on plant-insect interactions
Download the presentation : Grulke et al - Grulke - The role of abiotic and biotic stressors in pine susceptibility to bark beetle
Download the presentation : Braun et al - Braun - Tree mortality in Swiss forest observation plots: the role of drought, nutrition, and N-deposition
Download the presentation : Vollenweider et al - Vollenweider - Response of low-elevation pine stands in the Central Alps to changes in land use in a warmer climate
10:10-10:30 - Coffee break
Download the presentation : Alonso et al - Alonso - Interactive effects of O3, N, and climate on annual understory pastures of Holm oak forests
     10:45 - Hayes - Combined effects of O3 and N on ecosystem services: experimental results and modelled future impacts
Download the presentation : De Witte et al - De Witte - Changes in ectomycorrhizal species composition along a N-deposition gradient in Swiss beech forests
Download the presentation : Pickles et al - Pickles - Success of migrated Douglas-fir seedlings is mediated by ectomycorrhizae and other soil factors
Download the presentation : Nickel et al - Nickel - Effect of climate change and atmospheric nitrogen deposition on ecological integrity of forests
Download the presentation : Belyazid et al - Belyazid - Integrated effects of atmospheric deposition and climate change on forest ecosystem services

12:00-13:30 - Lunch

13:30-16:45 - Session 6: Forest ecosystems, atmospheric deposition and the water cycle - Chairs: Yusuf Serengil and Mark Fenn
Download the presentation : Malek et al - Malek - The impact of deforestation on the localization of springs and their chemistry on Skrzyczne in the Beskid Śląski Mts
Download the presentation : Serengil et al - Serengil - A hydrological evaluation of forest fragmentation along urban-rural transition using SWAT model
Download the presentation : Vilhar et al - Vilhar - Influence of conversion of spruce monocultures into mixed beech - spruce forests on the river basin runoff
Download the presentation : Krecek et al - Krecek - Long term impacts of biomass harvesting on hydrology and nutrient leaching of boreal forests
Download the presentation : Balestrini et al - Balestrini - Long-term patterns of deposition, soil solution and stream water chemistry in an Alpine forest ecosystem
Download the presentation : Du et al - Du - Inorganic nitrogen deposition in China's forests: Status and characteristics
Download the presentation : Garcia-Gomez et al - García-Gómez - Atmospheric concentration and deposition of nitrogen in four Mediterranean holm oak forests
Download the presentation : Hunova et al - Hůnová - A novel approach for spatial quantification of nitrogen deposition: A case study for Czech forests
Download the presentation : Schröder et al - Schröder - Concentrations of heavy metals in moss and natural surface soil sampled in Norway from 1990 to 2010
Download the presentation : McNulty et al - McNulty - Where no forest has gone before: New forest stress response patterns and adaptive management options
Download the presentation : Pascaud et al - Pascaud - Impact of base cation deposition trends on exceedances of critical load of acidity in French forests
Download the presentation : Ning et al - Ning - Response of urban oak species to flooding and elevated CO2 in the Gulf Coast region of USA
     16:30 - Saenger - Changes in nutrient and carbon stocks in French forest soils under decreasing atmospheric deposition
16:45-17:00 - Closing ceremony with delivery of the best poster award - Closing remarks by Mr. Eric Ciotti, President of the General Council
19:00 to Midnight: Gala dinner (Meeting point: Palais de la Méditerrannée, transfer by bus)
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Friday 5th June, 2015
9:00-9:45 - Transfer by bus from Nice to Cannes
10:00-10:15 - Transfer by boat from Cannes to Lérins island
10:15-10:40 - Coffee break with a talk given by the local Forest ranger (National Forests Office)
10:45-12:15 Free time along the botanical path to discover an exceptional Mediterranean flora

12:30-14:00 - Bucolic/pastoral "Provençal" lunch

14:15-14:30 - Transfer by boat from Lérins island to Cannes
14:40-15:10 - Transfer by bus from Cannes to Grasse
15:15-15:25 Perfurmer (Nose) conference at the Flower Factory
15:30-16:30 Visit of the historic Perfumery Fragonard in Grasse
16:40-17:15 Coffee break with three talks:
Download the presentation : Gauquelin Dr. Thierry Gauquelin (Mediterranean Institute of marine and terrestrial Biodiversity and Ecology, France) "The Oak Observatory O3HP: interdisciplinary and experimental approaches to study Mediterranean forest functioning under climate change".
Download the presentation : Fuentes Prof. Jose D. Fuentes (Department of Meteorology, The Pennsylvania State University, USA) "Flowers' fragrance diminished by air pollution - What are the consequences for perfume industry and biodiversity?"
          Dr. Martine Adrian-Scotto (Chemistry Institute in Nice, ICN) "The national research group Odourant, Odour and Olfaction".

17:20-18:00 Visit of Grasse old-center

18:00-18:45 - Transfer by bus to Nice

The true natural richness of the Sainte-Marguerite Island will be admired along a botanical path with an exceptional Mediterranean flora. You will be captivated by the fragrance of pine and eucalyptus trees and the plenitude of flora on this island. Abundant flowers have made Grasse the International Capital of Perfumery. Around the Mediterranean basin, over the time period 2000-2010, the highest ozone mean concentration at the suburban sites were found at Grasse, where the non-methane volatile organic compounds (NMVOC) emissions were increasing until 2007 because of the development of the perfumery and industrial chemical factories. Unfortunately recently the flowers' fragrance has been seriously diminished by high air pollution with potentially significant consequences for the perfume industry and also the Island's biodiversity. During the excursion the impacts of air pollution on secondary plant compounds and volatiles produced by plants which are used in the perfume (and cosmetics) industry will be discussed.

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