Discover Nice

Top 10 things to do in Nice!

1. Nice Old Town

Etale du Vieux Nice

Spend an afternoon in the winding streets of Nice Old Town with its artisan shops, cafés, bars and markets. Place Saint François is famous for its fish market and there are plenty of places to pick up a cute and well prices present for friends and relatives! Place Rossetti is home to the gorgeous Cathedrale Saine Reparate which you really should see and for children young and old the ice cream parlour in the same square (Fennochio's) is a must!! You will see flavours here that you won't find anywhere else! Rue Droite has a plethora of artist's shops where you can pick up some superb paintings and sculptures, and further along on rue Pairolière you can pick up some wonderful herbs and spices, as well as delicious olives for the food-lovers amongst you!

2. Cours Saleya

Terrasses du Cours Saleya

Have morning coffee in the Cours Saleya (the Old Town's flower market) and watch the hustle and bustle of Nice's oldest market square. On Mondays the Cours Saleya hosts the antiques market where you can pick up some truly unusual bargains, and every other day it hosts the colourful flower market. Here you can also buy local cuisine, we recommend that you try the fougasse! All of the outdoor cafés are superb on a sunny day but our favourite for breakfast has to be Le Pain Quotidien on the corner of the square. For lunchtimes in the sun, Safari is a must!
The famous "Cours Saleya" and its markets will reveal their unexpected treasures and stimulate your taste-buds. Come and taste some of our local culinary specialities: Socca or pissaladière washed down by Bellet Wine - a renowned vintage from the hills of Nice. Marché au fleurs

3. Castle Park

Cascade du Chateau de Nice

The Castle Park (Parc du Chateau), also referred to as the Castle Hill (Colline du Chateau) by force of the fact it is the highest altitude in Vieux Nice (92 meters above the sea level), is the place where the ruins of the former Chateau de Nice can be spotted. It is deemed one of the top tourist attractions in Nice, an objective not to be missed out by the visitors of the French Riviera. It's not just its inner highlights which recommend the park as a tourist must-see, but also the fact the park is one of the best lookouts in Nice, opening the view all the way to Promenade des Anglais and Baie des Anges (west) and Port de Nice (at east).
The history of the park goes all the way back to the beginning of the 19th century, when the city of Nice was facing the challenge to turn the site of the former castle into a pleasant leisure and tourist area. Thus, at present, the Castle Park is not just just a mere archeological site. Next to the vestiges of Chateau de Nice, tourists can admire further landmarks of historical importance: the Belanda Tower (Tour Belanda) and the Cemetery (split into three sections: a Jew section, a Protestant section and a Catholic section). Cascade Dijon (which is an artificial waterfall) also counts as one of the chief highlight of the park. view from Chateau de Nice
On the other hand, sightseeing is not the only activity one can delight in when visiting Parc du Chateau. The place is set up with plenty of kids' playgrounds and meandering alleys, not to mention the fact that, in the event the climbing of the hill seems too tiresome, one can reach the top of the hill by means of a mini-train, of the so-called Ascenseur du Chateau or they can simply take a cab.

4. Place Massena

Place Massena de nuit

Place Massena is the largest square in Nice Old Town, but, on top of that, most visitors of Nice agree that is also the most spectacular and the most representative of all in the historical district of the city. The history of Place Massena goes back to the first half of the 19th century, when the local authorities were facing the urge to embellish and to extend the architectural landscape of Vieux Nice. However, it was not until recently that the square acquired its steady current look and layout, since from its construction until 2007 it underwent long periods of restoration and refurbishment. Thus, the square is famed for having sheltered, on the top of its Fontaine du Soleil, a monumental statue of Apollo subsequently removed by reason of aesthetic and moral disruption (the statue being at present located at the entrance of the Charles Ehrmann Stadium). In fact, the fountain itself was repeatedly dismantled, displaced and even removed entirely from the square, until 2007 when it was again reinstalled. Fontaine du Soleil and the five bronzes dotting its edges are the only original ornamental elements which were preserved in time, displayed at present while overlooked by a high water jet. Fontaine Apollon

5. Place Garibaldi

Place Garibaldi

Place Garibaldi is one of the largest squares in Nice and is named after the general and Italian politician Giuseppe Garibaldi who was born in Nice. It is located on the edge of the Old Town on the way to the port. The tram passes through here and the square is bordered by charming shops, cafés and restaurants. A market is held here on the third Saturday of each month, where you can stumble across all manner of treasures from vintage Chanel handbags to old magazines and antique furniture. Seafood lovers, the café de Turin on the edge of the square is a must!

6. local cuisine


Eat some of the local cuisine! Socca is Nice's most famous dish. It is almost like a pancake, made from chickpeas and eaten hot - best with plenty of pepper! Some of the best places to get socca are, of course, in Nice's Old Town. Other specialities include stuffed vegetables (farcis), pissadilière and Salade Niçoise !

7. Cimiez

Arènes de Cimiez

A visit to Cimiez is a must! Here you can visit the ruins of the old Roman settlement as well as the Matisse museum. Queen Victoria also famously stayed in this part of Nice, notably in a gorgeous building called "Le Regina" where you can now own an apartment! There is also a famous cemetery in Cimiez called as well as a monastery whose gardens are well worth a visit for a leisurely walk. It's a residential area and there are some gorgeous villas hidden away up there!

8. Port de Nice

Port of Nice

The Port is an obvious choice but is well worth a visit. Take a look at the glamourous yachts moored there as well as the brightly painted fisherman's boats! There are plenty of restaurants and bars nearby to sit outside and enjoy a drink in the lovely surroundings - Paloma Cantine is currently on our hot list and if you're there in the summer, the champagne bar on the roof top of the Reserve is a great spot with stunning views.

9. Promenade des Anglais

Promenade des Anglais

For a cheap and cheerful day out take a leisurely stroll along the world famous Promenade des Anglais and take up the Mediterranean pastime of people watching! From here you can enjoy the sunshine, beautiful views of the sea and the gorgeous Baie des Anges. The Prom stretches for 7km right along the coastline and in the summer is packed with people taking a stroll, riding their bikes or rollerblading. You can hire rollerblades near the Old Town from Rollerstation, and on rue Halevy you can rent a segway which is an unusual way to see the Prom! At the very end of the promenade is the collines du château and you can climb the many steps (or take the lift!) to admire the gorgeous views! There are two cafés, a playground and some lovely walks to be enjoyed at the top, so why not take a picnic and make an afternoon of it! This is where the city of Nice first began, and you can still see the vestiges of the fort, which is why it is called the Château.
Why not take a trip to the famous Negresco hotel situated on the world famous Promenade des Anglais? Go inside to admire the most famous hotel in Nice - it oozes grace and style as well as history! In summertime it's a great spot to enjoy a glass of champagne outside on the terrace. There are jazz nights on the first Thursday of every month so be sure to book a table and enjoy a cocktail or two with friends in these opulent surroundings! Hotel Negresco
Splash out and hire a bed on one of the private beaches for the day - tan in comfort! Castel plage is the closest to Nice Old Town and is very popular. Lido and Beau Rivage are nearby and have good restaurants. Hi beach is a little further along and is a very popular gay beach; it also has a superb restaurant and is probably one of the best beach lunches in the city!

10. Russian Orthodox Cathedral

Port of Nice

Nice's stunning Russian Orthodox Cathedral was built in 1912 and is a very impressive piece of architecture! It was the first church to be designated a Russian Orthodox cathedral outside of Russia! It was funded by Tsar Nicolas II shortly before the Russian Revolution and stands as a reminder of pre-revolutionary Russia on the Côte d'Azur. It stands as the largest orthodox cathedral in Western Europe. In the mid-19th century, Russian nobility visited Nice and the Riviera, following the fashion established decades earlier by the English upper class and nobility. In 1864, immediately after the railway reached Nice, Tsar Alexander II visited by train and was attracted to the climate.